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My System Specs


Just thought I'd post in this thread to share a little accomplishment of mine rather than starting my own in order to highlight the "bigger picture." The post-3oh6* world of Canadian overclocking is in good shape.

Last night, I used the new hwbot Rev.4 scoring system to my advantage to secure the number one spot in the Enthusiast League.

I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I used Quicksilver to earn a boatload of points because I was able to nail down first place in a wide array of essentially uncontested categories. Ever since the new scoring system was put into place, I have felt that it is very much skewed towards rewarding rare and unpopular hardware. Clearly, this has been a benefit to me since most of my boints have come from server-class hardware. But it's not right; at least, I don't think it is. So hopefully by using a single, non-overclocked machine to surge to the front of the pack in the EL, I have brought this issue to the attention of the hwbot bigwigs and they can make the appropriate changes.

In the meantime, the Canadian flag waves again atop the leaderboard, albeit the Enthusiast League - which is kinda like the AHL of overclocking. But hey - I'll take it!

*Jody is very much alive.
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