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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
It changes when you ask yourself this question: What would the Palestinians have to give up for peace?

Their democratically elected government?

The territory that settlers continue to take without justification?

What we are seeing is a gradual assimilation of Palestinian land, crops, and livestock and it won't stop until Israel can say: we can't give any back now because our settlers are EVERYWHERE.
Do you really believe that you can boil the whole thing down to that? You can simply reverse that and be no closer to the truth. There are Palastinians (and many others) that would be not be satisfied with anything less than Israel ceasing to exist.

Also, if you elect a government who's public policy is the complete destruction of another nation I don't think you should be surprised when said nation isn't hugs and kisses with your government. One might even say that you bear some of the responsibility for what your government does, a la Nazi Germany...
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