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Default Gameplay based on "points"...

I'm a sucker for points. Ever since the days of Neopets and Runescape, the only games that I've put in more than 100 hours have all involved some sort of long term stats, points, or currency. I'll have to admit that they have all been addictions to me.

After the New Year, I deleted Battlefield 3 from my computer. I have over 400 hours logged on Bad Company 2 according to steam, and almost 100 on Battlefield 3 according to Battlelog. It was becoming a seriously serious addiction; I would return home from school, hop on BF3, play until I was tired/hungry, did a bit of homework, and before I got anything completed, dinner would start. Obviously I wouldn't feel tired anymore after dinner, so another 3hrs of BF3 is in order, and there goes my night, almost every night in the year. My marks have been TUMBLING since I was introduced to Bad Company 2 by that evil $5 Steam sale last winter. After coming to this realization of how these virtual points and stats in these games have been screwing my life, I consulted a psychologist. I reminded myself of various reasons how stupid and ported a game Battlefield 3 was, and all that it had to offer over other games was balanced and addictive gameplay. Whenever I have the temptation to "relapse" (as my psychologist calls it), I remind myself of this again, the silly gun sounds, the glitches, the bad graphics and colour grading, the unrealistic gun ballistics, etc.

That doesn't mean I'm done with gaming; I've found moderation in games such as Arma 2, CSS, L4D2, RO2, Crysis, Killing Floor, Dirt 2, Grid, even some Humble Bundle games that I've never touched, and I'm playing through the original Half Life in hopes of understanding what all the ruckus regarding HL2 is all about and why it's so great. I've found time for assignments and homework now, however I'm completely lost in Functions and Vectors class and my exam is this Wednesday. I don't even know where to start studying lol. Notice that none of these games have points or stats, at most there are achievements, but they are not addictive like BF3's points and levels. The out-liar is obviously Killing Floor, and I've already started to notice a slight pull towards this game; I think about Killing Floor, the currency and the levels, even when I'm not at the computer, so I've removed it from my Favorites in order to think about it less.

I suspect that when I was younger I really enjoyed gaming because it took me into a virtual world where I could feel accomplishments, appreciation, and away from domestic conflict, but now that part of my life is past I seem to still be hooked on gaming and can't let go.

It seems that all my friends and every gamer I know is in control of their gaming habits, as if time is not a problem for them. How do you guys do it?
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