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My System Specs


So cutting the yellow wire from a fan connector and leaving just one wont be an issue? im not positive if the yellow wire is the tach wire im almost sure tho.

Pretty much. cable management/ease of install is what i am aiming for.

If i have to buy a fan controller i will. I want to hook up 2 200MM fan to the same 3 pin on top 3 3 120mm for a 360 mm radiator and 2 more 200mm front and side. i do have a 140 mm in back. however my AsRock Fatality z68 mobo does not have enough fan headers. so if buying a controller and hooking it up to the PUS is the way to go then im all in. but if i can buy some splitters and make that work without destroying my mobo i can go for it. i havent been able to find the wattage/amp ratings for the fan headers on my mobo anywhere, not even the Manufactures website or manual.

If anyone has a link/ idea id appreciate it.

It seems like getting a controller is safer and the way to go

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