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My System Specs


uPnP should be enabled, it always was before. Why is the living room a bad idea? I've got 75% of my networked items in that room, it make more sense to have it there than the spare bedroom where it was before. The ISP is TNCWireless, you probably never heard of them as they are a very local provider. They use a Canopy based wireless system. Unlike DSL or cable that have a modem in the house, I just seem to have a CAT5E cable coming in to what appears to be a inline power adapter to power the receiver on the roof, so running that directly to my gaming PC is not something that can be done with a simple patch cable. The system is dual boot so I'll try my Vista install, it hasn't been touched since I couldn't connect to Steam at this time last year. And that time the issue was they had expanded a range or ports that needed to be open.

I'm going to triple check all my settings tonight when I get home and make sure I didn't disable something stupid for another game or something silly like that. I only ever try to log into Steam like every 6 months or so. Lat time was proably to see how bad the DNF demo was.
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