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Default Ah Steam, my old nemesis - resolved.

Back online with a new ISP and once again, I can't connect to Steam. It actually states that I need to establish a connection to the internet beofre I can log in. I had relocated my router to the living room seeing as my HTPC, Craptop and BluRay all needed a connection. Of course my Atom got the first IP and I had to go in and change all the port forwarding back to my gaming PC. Still can't connect. I go on the Steam and check the ports they have listed. I find two ports that must have been added sometime in the past year and add them. Still can't connect. The last time I did connect to Steam was in Dec using a dial-up connection (just for yucks to see if it would work) Did this somehow bork Steam into thinking my only connection is dial-up and it's stuck looking for a crappy Bell dial-up connection somehow? It doesn't appear as though my ISP blocks any traffic but I don't have an external IP with them, could that be it? Although Steam did work fine at work with that sort of an arrangement just fine - until they added me to the list of people that have practically everything blocked. I haven't tried a direct connection yet, it would require me to drag my PC from the spare bedroom to the living room, I suppose I'll have to try that tonight.
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