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My System Specs


Yeah, we're hit by long power outages every year or two. Worst was the hurricane Juan followed by 'White Juan' later that winter. No power in some locations for two weeks (my business included).. my apartment at the time was without power for about a week and a half.
Don't prepare for a zombie apoc.. that's not likely to happen. What is likely to happen is storms, hurricanes, winter and the ever growing threat of financial collapse. Preparations are similar, with the minor exception of killing the undead.
As for chainsaws on zombies - this is a bad idea, too heavy and they take valuable gas resources that you'll need for cars and generators. 8.5-12.5" 12-gauge shotgun is best.

As for PPD, it'll come back - it happens to all of us. I have UPS' on all my systems at home, but i'd never last more than a few hours - get a propane generator in the summer when people aren't going crazy buying them (like they will be now). Why propane? - you can rent a huge tank cheaply ($6/mo here), the fuel lasts forever (doesn't go bad like gas or diesel) and you can plub in your BBQ or gas fireplace in your home.

I'll learn to manage my anger, when people learn to manage their stupid.
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