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Yes most of my anger was at JJThomp as it sounded like he would like it if the Israeli Jews be wiped out. That incredibly angered me.

By no mean am I saying Israel is always in the right. Sure they didn't take their country back in the right way and don't always have the best intentions for other groups but I think if most of you knew what the U.S.A. has done in the past you would be very angry at them. Seems like you guys are trying to say that Israel is the worst country on earth. That is not true. You guys also claim that the Palestinians are being genocide. That is also not true.

I do very well know about genocides going on in Africa even now in places like the Congo and there are rumors of them starting in other nations usually Muslims vs. Christians.

Did you know that there are talks of some European nations splitting like Belgium. If you go back in history there are so many nations that either don't exist anymore or their borders are much different.

Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
See what happens? Start talking facts, debating middle eastern politics without ANY hatred and we're suddenly all anti Semites.
P.S what do you think is going to happen when a U.S president stops funding the israeli army? The country is going to collapse and the Palestinians will go to war with the Israeli's and take back their homeland and mass genocide of jews will follow. And guess what, everyone will look away just like WWII, because no one gives a damn about Israeli Jews, they would have let Hitler kill all the jews but he tried to take over the entire world so people fought to stop him. The whole world was going to let the jews die.

Tell me that isn't hatred?

Also about one of your earlier comments all the US "funding" to Israel is actually a loan and Isreal has to pay it back.

Originally Posted by b1lk1 View Post
Belgolas, over-reaction much lately? I see nothing that could be even taken out of context as hatred here, merely critism. As usual, the no critism of Israel crowd is represented everywhere by someone.

Whether or not the Palestinians are good people, do they deserve to be starved to death? Deprived of basic human needs? I do not wonder for a second why they are so warlike towards the Israelis although that does not make it right either.

Anyhow, if Israel is allowed to attack Iran, we won't need to worry much about their future, or even our own for that matter, should the Russians and CHinese make good on their threats. I really cannoty believe WW3 is really going to be started by Israel.
Oh I have plenty of criticism for Israel but they are not the only country that needs criticism.

Israel cannot start a war against Iran as it doesn't have any long range bombers. Even if the U.S. would start a war I doubt Russia or China would get involved as they have their own domestic problems. Russia may go into violent protests because the people want democracy. China has a lot of problems of its own.

Besides the U.S. military is something to be feared while China and Russia's armies are getting pretty outdated. Hell no other nation has a super aircraft carrier and the US has 11 and they are replacing 10 of them with brand new ones.

Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
I think one of the problems is that Isreal isn't going away and any solution has to acknowledge that. To add to your point about not giving a shit, which is mostly true I think, the Palestinians "allies" in the neighbouring countries don't even give a shit about them, they build walls to keep them out too and manipulate the situation to help keep the Palestinians poor and desperate to make Israel look worse and to try to undermine Isreal. If they really cared about the Palestinians they would take them in or offer territory for them to have a real country. As long as the end game for the muslim countries is elimination of Isreal it's naive to think that Israel is going to pull any punches.
Israel not going away is not a problem as it is their right to exist. It was their land 2011 years ago but the Romans kicked them out. Israel is also one of the first people groups to settle that area. Israel also built Jerusalem. All of this is very well documented.

You are right in saying that the neighboring nations don't want the Palestinians as they for the most part didn't accept the Palestinian refuges. Egypt nor Jordon want "their" land back.

Now I agree that Palestinians should be able to have their own nation but asking right now they are not making things easy when they shoot rockets and kill Israelis.

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