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My System Specs

Default X-Mas present to myself

So I decided to give my q9550 rig to my fiance because the MSI laptop I got her a year ago is falling apart. Fortunately, that gave me an excuse to go overboard on my new rig . What follows was a week worth of headaches lol.

Step one: take everything out at once and leave it laying around.

Slight progress on the case, replaced the stock D5 top with an EK top.

Nice looking waterblock, the compression fittings just squeeze in. I'm really skeptical of the acetal though.

Roughing in where all the parts of the loop are going to get placed. That EK res was a pain in the ass, the compression fitting in the top was just barely too wide to screw all the way into the recessed top (source of my first leak . I had to take out my dremel and widen it. I found the installation instructions for the raystorm block to be lacking too, am I supposed to screw the block fittings all the way in?

I wasn't sure how the orange would look at first. Turned out pretty good, it looks much better in person. Also found my 2nd leak on the compression fitting in the top left, I hadn't pushed the tube far enough over the barb before screwing on the compression fitting.

This is it completely assembled, I was worried about temperature on the VRMs for when I started overclocking so I took a file folder separator drilled some holes in it (wrapped it in electrical tape for looks) and mounted a scythe slipstream(or flex?) to.

LEDs on the CPU block.

The bane of my existence, if my fiance didn't love that cat more then me it'd be out on the street .

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