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My System Specs


The beauty nakid, and the beauty 11 rivets later.

Quick little how to decage a rv02-ew /ft02:

1) Remove the 2 screws per fan holding in the fan assembly and slide them out
2) Remove the 3 screws holding the fan mounts to the case and pop out the plastic hooks from the bottom
3) Remove the 6 screws, 3 per side holding on the front bezel and pinch the plastic hooks in to pop off the front
4) Drill out the 4 rivets that hold the hdd cage from the front, the 2 that hold the cage to the 5.25 bays on the left side, the 2 that hold the cage to the back of the mobo tray and then the 3 that hold it to the 5.25 bays on the right side

and you have yourself a really nice case in two pieces.
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