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My System Specs


So far the forte looks like the best solution after researching for a couple hours. It appears to have the same 16-600ohm impedance headphone amp and specs as my bravura just a different form factor jack. I was trying to avoid it as I have to use a break away for 5.1 and a 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor with my raven case. (outputs come out the top and have to fit under the bezel)

I do alot of sound device swapping where I'll have voice chat coming through my headset, mild level music from my speakers and also an audio loopback for broadcasting and any combinations of sound devices and outputs.

I have to say PC games that don't have the option to select audio output device is one of my biggest pet peeves as I have to change all my settings around using default sound device for the game.
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