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Originally Posted by draemn View Post
One thing to remember with performance increase on the charts nvidia had going around for the least 1.5 years is that it's relative performance per watt increase... so kepler may be (I forget atm) 2x 'better' in terms of more performance for less power, not 2x better performance.

Either way, even with nVidia able to grab the fastest single GPU title at times, they have pretty much been behind ATI for over a couple years now in terms of being later to bring the next gen out. They were later at dx 10 I think and they were a TON later at dx 11 (not that dx 11 matter that much since so few games supported it).
nvidia was smart with the whole dx10/11 situation. Both of those were so much in their infancy that nvidia was not just gonna start producing cards until it proved itself. There was a much bigger difference between dx9 and 10 but we are just starting to see real gains with dx11.

If anything nvidia did that wasn't so great was PhysX. While done right it looks great but so many games don't utilize it well or properly and it might as well be turned off.
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