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Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
I think one of the problems is that Isreal isn't going away and any solution has to acknowledge that. To add to your point about not giving a shit, which is mostly true I think, the Palestinians "allies" in the neighbouring countries don't even give a shit about them, they build walls to keep them out too and manipulate the situation to help keep the Palestinians poor and desperate to make Israel look worse and to try to undermine Isreal. If they really cared about the Palestinians they would take them in or offer territory for them to have a real country. As long as the end game for the muslim countries is elimination of Isreal it's naive to think that Israel is going to pull any punches.
I don't think that the Muslim countries end game is to get rid of Israel or anything like that, if you think about it before western politics (and Russia) got involved in the middle east they were fine. They had their own localized issues but what country or group of countries doesn't. By providing financial and military backing to certain groups we have thrown the middle east's balance off. It was never the most stable region but it definitely wasn't the crapshoot that it is now. I think they just want to have their own way of life like us but to many western countries that is unacceptable for some reason, we feel the need to impose our way of life on these people and they are rejecting it which causes more problems than they originally had.
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