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Most of what you think is faster is all in the mind
I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one, i've also got a Q9450 and i can attests to it being much speedier than the Q6600. I've got no pictures to back up my claims but i've done alot of benchies with both on the same test bed.

My Striker 2 formula doesnt like the Q9450 overly much and because i was leaving town with a pc i just built (that included the Q9450) i was forced to pull my Q6600 out of my P5K and hit the road.

In the few times i was able to get the Q9450 stable on the Striker i was able to get a few 3d mark benchies with SLI turned on, best score i got with the Q9450 running with a slight overclock to 2700 (the only way i was able to get stable enough to boot windows) was a touch over 14000 (ram and vid cards stock clocks) While i've had a few weeks to tweek the system now with the Q6600 and i've overclocked the proc to 3080mhz and the ram to 514mhz ( in cpu-z, 1050mhz in bios... not sure what makes the difference) I've never been able to break 13500 marks. Even the sandra cpu benchies were quite a bit better.

Like i said, i was having such a difficult time getting the proc stable with a very limited time to work on it that taking screenies were far from my mind, so you'll just have to take our word that this new proc is most definatly faster, clock for clock than the Q6600

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