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Talking Newbie, help...

I already posted a thread at "PC Builds" and I said that I'll buy the (Sapphire/Powercolor) Radeon HD 6870
But, I'm starting to wonder if that's the right choice. Why? Because I see people using to for Eyefinity (I think it's called like that), 3D and other stuff...

So, the thing is...I don't need a graphics card that supports 3D, I don't need it to support 2 or more screens. I just need it to play high quality games at 1080p (Ok, maybe BF3 at medium quality, and less that 1080p, but you get the point). And so the main question, should I get the 6870 or should I get some other one since I don't need all of that?

It's not urgent or anything similar, I won't be buying it any soon (unfortunately )

P.S. Your forum's new posts/no new posts icons are beautiful
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