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None of them, I recommend a desk based microphone and then a quality 2.0 headset.

Sens. PC 350 headset (no desk mic needed)
Byerdynamic DT770 PRO
V-moda M80 OR LP2

AVOID GAMING HEADSETS, for 40-60 more you can get FAR better sounding headphones.

I recommend the Vmoda M80, literally the best headphones sub 400 imo, they have amazing highs and mids, bass is toned and accurate without having bloated boomy sound.
They are VERY VERY accurate and neutral, but you miss out on that fake 'boomy' bass.

LP2 Vmoda have boomy bass.

DT770 Pro is more of an open sound, they feel very large sounding a bit distant thus highs-mids are surprised a bit more.

End of the day, wait and buy a GOOD pair of phones; they will last you longer and you'll keep them longer.
Most gaming headsets will break in time, sound like crap and are cheaply made.

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