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Well, thanks for your opinions. We all do things we I hate seeing ass-poor reviews of products on sites that get 10 times more attention than this site does. However, that is more a blog post than anything else. That being said, we don't want to loose people to changes we make so voicing your opinions loudly and clearly is welcome here.

We are constantly trying to make this site better than your average run-of-the-mill place. Our readers come before marketing, advertising and damn-near everything else. In that same vein we wanted to implement a little something unique which people can use or not. So, we left it possible with browsers with the "drag and drop" feature to have the thunbnails open in a new window like they used to.

Let be honest here: if we all hated change, we would still be hiding in caves, chipping away at stones, waiting for the great googa mooga to come down from the sky and bring rain and antelopes.
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