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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
holy crap some of these comments are just pure hatred. Saying no one would care if Jews were to all die. **** you I care.

Israel is the best nation in the middle east for human rights. They allow all races/religions in their military and government. Sure you are going to see more Jews in power just like you are going to see more English people in power in England.
They have the most educated population in the world (more university degrees).
Israel produces more scientific papers per capita.
Israel has the highest living standards in the middle east. More than most European countries.
When Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969, she became the world's second elected female leader in modern times.
Relative to its population Israel is the most immigrant absorbing nation.
Israel is the second largest "silicon valley"
The cell phone was developed in Israel
The Pentium MMX chip was developed in Israel

This is just a very small list. Sure Israel's track record isn't perfect but don't say the US has committed war crimes many times in the past and present. No nation is perfect.

Just close this thread as people are clearly making this an anti Jew/Israel thread.
Okay I feel as if this is pretty much solely directed towards me so I will explain myself. I do not hate Jews and I am not an "anti-semetic" (Funny thing is, is that Muslims, Jews and Christians are all semites by definition of the word and the saying "anti-semetic" is actually just a poor understanding of the origin of these religions). The conditions under which Israel became a country are completely unfair to the original inhabitant who are now being starved to death by the Israeli government (yeah human rights my ass).

To put it in perspective what Israel did is what the USA tried to do in the war of 1812 (take over Canada) as part of their wild delusions of grandeur they coined "The Manifest Destiny". The claimed god gave them the land and they therefore had the only rights to it and they were going to take it by force. Really the only difference is that the British won the war thus preserving the British colony "Kanada".

The same thing happened to the Palestinians Jews claim that god gave them the holy land (which the location of which is unknown but they chose Palestine because it is close and no one gave a shit about the Palestinians). The difference is with large financial backing and the support of the USA Israelites succeeded and took the land for themselves.

Of course the Palestinians fought back because they were forcibly removed from their homes, their human rights and freedoms were being trampled all over and they were labelled "terrorists". Now that is a joke if I have ever heard one, I know personally if someone came into my house-that I had worked my entire life to build-and said, "you have to leave, oh and by the way we aren't going to give you anything". I would kill as many people as I had to to protect my family and my loved ones. Is attacking innocents the right way to go about it? Hell no, but really they have no choice and it has now developed into a way of life for many people.

Basically what happened was these people were told that they didn't have a right to exist because "our God says so" and predictably that didn't go over very well with them. The sad part is their religions are so similar, they all believe in the same intrinsic values, the same one god but they just can't get over the cultural differences. You can't tell me Israel is a country to look up to when it comes to human rights because they are the worst offenders (worse than "terrorists" if you ask me).

About people not caring if all the Jews died, I think you are seriously deluded. Humans have one purpose in this world and it is to preserve themselves for as long as possible. No one cared when they were exterminating Jews in WWII, No when cared in Rawanda when they were exterminating the Tutsi's, no one cared in Iraq when they were exterminating Kurds and no one cares now (if you need more examples let me know because I haven't even touched on current day African problems). We only help people when it serves our own interests, people starve to death everyday and no one does anything about it.

I know this might seem a little extreme and believe me I really am trying to tear down your blue skies because the sky is not blue. It is grey and no one gives a shit, if people gave a shit we would see things happening, we would all take a quality of life hit so others could scrape by, if you cared and I mean truly cared at all you would have spent your $2000-$3000 on helping people instead of a computer you can waste time on.

Which brings me to my next point, I'm no better I do not think I am superior to you or anyone else in anyway. I just don't believe that anything is right in any country in the world, and there are only 2 solutions to the problem, A. Everyone takes a large quality of life hit and we all live well below the current Candian "Poverty Line" standard or B. There is a significant decrease in the amount of people living on earth because the planet is well past it's natural carrying capacity. If neither of options are taken soon option B is going to be taken for us by our good friend mother nature, and I bet there are less than 50 million people that really care about it because we all look after #1 first.
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