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Originally Posted by kyle_L View Post
nice start man, i thought about picking up one of those instead of my R3.
Why thank you. I did check out the R3, but I wanted something bigger and I like the extra customizing options this gives you.

================================================== ============

We rejoin our hero as he travels through the world of brute force and hammers. Once, long ago, on the road to perdi- no, I'm sure I mean that holy grail which is undying satisfaction with one's components- our hero came into contact with the evil warlord Canadapost. They have destroyed his case into shipping, and in doing so crushed his dreams and aspirations. Well, maybe not that bad, but definitely prolonged his time with the agonizing Antec 1200...

We jump back forward in time to the present day. His Define XL, which has been sitting in a box for over a year, is damaged, and only our hero is capable of fixing it. He whets his weapons, and prepares for battle.

His arms: a hammer, a piece of maple, and some 2x4s.

His enemy, some bent metal.

The battle raged for what seemed like minutes, and was in reality not nearly so long. As the dust settled, one man stands victorious. The bent metal lies straight on the ground. This is a victory worthy of the gods, Zeus would be proud.

Our hero rests, and soon continues on his way. Where will his path lead him?
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