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I accomplished some actual legitimate work today! This is bizarre.

One of my biggest complaints with the case is that although it is very large and roomy, the excessive number of HDD cages and the different compartments don't complement each other. I have no need for that many 3.5 inch drives, and due to the compartmentalization the second 140mm fan on the bottom is useless. Well, I don't like useless.

And so, the trusty drill was whipped out.

And I started attacking rivets. We quickly went from this:

To this:

Shmexyyy, that's how I like it. One large, single compartment, with an excessive amount of cooling.

The two 140 MM fans that came with the case, both fitted to the front. I did swing to Canada Computers today and picked up a TY-140 and a Scythe Kaze Maru 2, but due to the way the mountings on this worked, they didn't fit. The TY-140 was too large, and the Scythe was the wrong shape (rounded corners). I could've made the Scythe stay with some double-sided tape, but it was 800rpm and didn't push enough air for my liking.

I also removed the stupid 180mm fan from the top. I never felt much air being blown from it, and there just wasn't room up there with my D14. So, it went too. Now look at all the venting on the back of the case.

You can see the clips here:

Now, tomorrow I'm gonna fix the structural damage to the case, and pop over to Canada Computers to see if I can find anything fun. :)
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