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Default Defined XL

Once upon a time, a young man ordered a Fractal Design Define XL from ncix. Unfortunately, CanadaPost dropped it in transit, and when it arrived, it was all messed up. Upon realization, it was brought to the attention of ncix, who started an inquiry with Canadapost, and sent a new one to this young man. It just so happened, that Canadapost reimbursed NCIX, but failed to pick up the old case, so our young hero was left with 2! He put one to good use for over a year, but was becoming tired of it and the space the two took up. So, he swore to all that is holy and made of chocolate that he would sell the good one, and turn the damaged one into the mother of all Define XLs...kind of anyway.

This is where our journey begins. Being lazy, I didn't want to go through the trouble of photographing the damaged area, but needless to say, the foot is bent inwards and there is a definite swagger in its walk. No, that can't be right. It just leans.

I'm not gonna delve into my plan, because I don't have one and I'm making it up as I go along. Now, I feel like this introduction paragraph has delved on for too long, so onto some beauty shots.

What we're working with, lifted straight from the Fractal Design site...awwwww yeeaaaaa

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