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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
holy crap some of these comments are just pure hatred. Saying no one would care if Jews were to all die. **** you I care.

Israel is the best nation in the middle east for human rights. They allow all races/religions in their military and government. Sure you are going to see more Jews in power just like you are going to see more English people in power in England.
They have the most educated population in the world (more university degrees).
Israel produces more scientific papers per capita.
Israel has the highest living standards in the middle east. More than most European countries.
When Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969, she became the world's second elected female leader in modern times.
Relative to its population Israel is the most immigrant absorbing nation.
Israel is the second largest "silicon valley"
The cell phone was developed in Israel
The Pentium MMX chip was developed in Israel

This is just a very small list. Sure Israel's track record isn't perfect but don't say the US has committed war crimes many times in the past and present. No nation is perfect.

Just close this thread as people are clearly making this an anti Jew/Israel thread.
See what happens? Start talking facts, debating middle eastern politics without ANY hatred and we're suddenly all anti Semites.

Replies like this show exactly why the Western World will never be able to have an open dialog about Israel.

By the way, I truly did laugh out loud at your first point.
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