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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
Ugrading from that phenom cpu to the 2500k would be a great upgrade. If you could muster up enough cash maybe try to get a 6950 card, or wait for a midrange 7xxx series gfx card. In the meantime you could try overclocking that phenom a bit to get some further life out of it. But graphics cards aside, the 2500K is the chip to get for a gaming build hands down.

Or, if you want to save money and not go the fanboi route, you may be able to drop a Ph2 X6 1090T/1055T in that motherboard and still be within 10% the performance of an i5 that uses the same video card (which can always upgrade as well, in the same motherboard) .... without having to change your whole dang computer to do it.
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