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Default What do you think of my current setup?

Hello! I was wondering by today's standards what you think of my rig. AS far as computer gaming goes, im humble and poor, so its not very spectacular at all.

Im running:

AMD Phenom 9150e 1.8 ghz Quad core
EVGA GTS 450 superclocked to 882 mhz
Gateway RS780 running an AMD 780 chipset
550 Watt Ultra LSP PSU
640 GB Western digital HDD
Case is a mid-tower with, as far as i can see, 1 120mm fan (maybe even an 80 mm). I believe this to be a bigger problem then alot of the components.

If i were to upgrade to a new rig that was at a decent price, id try for:
Intel i5 2500k
Radeon 6870
8 Gb DDR3
Full tower case with 2-3 120mm fans
650 Watt Corsair
Probably a gigabyte LGA 1155 mobo with support for DDR3 and SLI/crossfire.
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