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Originally Posted by stoanee View Post
Did you manually set ram timings & voltages in bios? Sometimes that is necessary.
Thanks for your reply.

Actaully, there is a problem with that. Im a noob when it comes to set the ram timings & voltages so I prefer to use the XMP profile thats on there. But when I try to use the profile, it says "Overclocking failed" and I need to run my memory on 1066mhz instead of 1600mhz? The settings are on auto at the moment. Shouldnt that work? Thought it couldnt be the timings/voltages because its on auto (no more, no less, should be fine then).

The XMP profile worked on the Rampage Extreme II before though.

Can it be the RAM that are faulty? Or will just the correct timings do the trick?

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