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Originally Posted by snoosebum View Post
Im still using an HD5450 and a 3 core athlon II with xbmc, its been serving me well, although not effiiciently. If I had to upgrade today I'd do the e-350 route too I think. The motherboard would be personal preference, I'm guesing you want the E35M1-M because its one of the only micro atx instead of mini itx and you already have a micro atx case? cheap ram makes sense to me for what its doing. The PSU I know nothing about, I probably wouldnt choose until I had a case, I think many of of the mini itx cases already have PSU's in them. For fanless your really limited.
My main HTPC is running an old e6300 C2D and 3670HD and it does its duty just fine. The mATX mobo is probably a better fit too since I already have the HTPC case and it has a PCI slot for my sound card. Big thing is I wanted to get away from the fan noise - I'm into higher end audio. This hardware list is what was recommended by someone who does the same but that was over 6 months ago so I thought I'd make sure that I wasn't overlooking anything that had come out recently. And tbh I'm just curious to have a complete passive/solid state rig. I guessing by the fact that people are more concerned with how I'm connecting the HDD's in the NAS that nobody has an objections to this hardware list.
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