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Exclamation Does a red DRAM led light always indicates bad RAM?

Hi Linus,

Hope you can help me out with this one.

Ive been experiencing some problems with my computer for a while now. I think that the memory is "harassing" me. But Im not sure.

Before describing the whole story...
Does a solid red light (the DRAM-light) on the motherboard (ASUS Rampage Extreme III) indicates that the memory is faulty?

Had my mobo replaced recently from II to III so I doubt it's the mobo? The RAM is on the QVL for the mobo so the memory is def. compatible.

It can boot up, but it may takes a few restarts - with the DRAM light being red all the time. But then suddenly, the monitor gets action and it all boots up. After it have been "restarting" by itself for a while. Strange...

Nothing on the POST either. Ran a memtest that gave me nothing on 1.5hours (2 of 3 sticks only though).

Hope you know whats goin on... This is annoying!

Thanks in advance


ps. The symptom Im experiencing is similar to these:
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