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My NAS is a freenas 8 made out of some old parts I had bought (Was going to be a HyperV box but that didn't happen.)

Parts are
PhII 955 (Overkill)
16gb of DDR3 (not overkill as freenas 8 wants 1GB of DDR3 per 1TB of storage but ram is cheap so who cares.)
MSI 790FX-GD70 (Great motherboard for this do to its dual Gigabit nics and 8 onboard Sata)
8 * 2 TB WD green drives in Zraid (Basically raid 5)

This is my storage for my whole house so I wanted to be able to get the files quickly. Its not hardware dependant so I could move all 8 drives to a new Freenas 8 or higher box (not that there is a higher version that freenas 8 at the moment.) All my XBMC boxs (3) connect into this and I never see slow down issues. Speed wise its faster then a gigabit line (HD tests were showing 200MB/s write speeds)

Also have Sickbeard/CouchPotato and Sabnzbd+ installed ontop of freenas so the box is also my download machine.
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