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I have recently bought MANY different sound cards, Auzentech is crap same as creative, except better sound quality...same issues though.
I tried three X-fi cards around the 200 dollar range, including the hometheater hd from Auzen, it has a static baseline, with Hi-fi headphones you can pick this up.

I also tried the Titanium HD and STX from Asus, they both had issues such as screeching, switching noises that can blow your set of cans and a screech of death.
The titanium hd has a static hiss pickup too similar to the Auzen, so there is old engineering methods being used on the PCB that seems to be a X-FI trend.

I'd personally wait for Asus and their new sound cards in a few months. I ended up tossing the towel in on PCI-E cards, and waiting for the next revision, the quality is just too poor for my personal preference.
But ASUS is far better because they have proper grounding in the PCB and thus no static pickup from a system thats under load. Asus has new cards in the pipeline that are native PCI-E, and should not cause issues since they now get their own power from a 6pin PCI-E line, not the Mobo.

Sound cards, most if not all of them (PCI-E with X-fi) pickup GPU load from the PCI-E bus and cause hissing, static while in use.

Wait for the new cards bro, otherwise you are getting sub-par first gen crap that has mistakes in the design, these affect the sound quality.

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