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Originally Posted by Zink View Post
3rd 6903 is almost done. 22:40-22:50 tpf which is 243k ppd before upload and dl times bring it back down to about 230k.
Power use is 160W idle, 470W while working a 6903 = 510ppd/w. Most extras on the board are disabled but IPMI is still on.

Using wondershaper to regulate download bandwidth so it doesn't completely kill the connection for people gaming on my dsl.
Uploads are capped at 75% of the maximum to keep the ping down, done directly in langouste using the rate limiting feature that you an learn about in the readme.
QoS also set to low on the router now, before it was off.

I haven't tested the bandwidth limiting yet but I know without it my connection had very high latency and very slow page loads for the hour it takes to upload 200MB of results.

EDIT: these setting work great during wu uploads, barely any difference in ping or dl speeds. There is little upload bandwidth for other purposes but that is how it is intend.

does the transfer from fah really affect the link that much?

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