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Originally Posted by DarkDisciple View Post
Ah cool. I wasn't too hot on the asus motherboard, and the XFX one looked kinda shady with the "Memory Standard: DDR2 800 (up to DDR2 1200 with EPP 1.0)". I will probably just spend 100 bucks less and get the evga board with ddr2 800 memory.

They will both run with DDR2-800, ad JEDEC specs (5-5-5-18 2T 1.8v). EPP is just some useless gimmick that nVidia made that will automatically apply the tighter timings the RAM is rated at. All it does is saves you 5 seconds of changing the ram timings (which likely will be changed around if your overclocking anyways).

So just go with whatever motherboard is cheaper. Any RAM should work, you will just have to manually set the timings if its not EPP (which usually makes the RAM cost more, so you don't want it).
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