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My System Specs


My thoughts are that unless you love playing with your computer as much as you love playing on your computer, SLI/crossfire is NOT the way to go. Double the components is 2x the fail rate and much more hassle for someone that doesn't love tweaking their system.

So if you love modding stuff as much or more than playing video games on the hardware, I'd say get 2-3 580s and watercool them. You can even get pre-installed waterblocks from EVGA with the 580. Sweet.

The 6990 will have driver issues with some games. The 6990 kicks ass for all the games you want to play and is a monster, but it is not the king.

If you just want your games to work and never stutter and never have to selectively tweak options to get the best experience, get the 7970. The 7970 is THE KING!

The 7970 will offer the least painful setup,really kicks ass for multi displays, and is the most futureproof as you can crossfire up to four of them (I think...single gpu....).

Also an added benefit of buying a 7970 now is that they are ALL reference cards on the market atm. This means that you will have the GREATEST compatibility with after-market GPU coolers if you wish to mod the beast.

I really wish I had bought a reference 6950 when it came out instead of buying a non reference cooler because I do not think i can do a fullcover waterblock on the edition of my 6950, and I had hoped to pick a second one up for cheap (hoping it drops to under 200 can) for an uber 6950 crossfire rig which would be super fun to mod and OC (I prefer playing with my computer to gaming )
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