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Bit of a sticky wicket yeh? Sort of caught between a rock and a hard place imo. You definately need to upgrade but where do you start exactly would be the question. I reckon you might wanna try and pull the trigger on something now and save yourself some probable annoying hassles.

Soulstone is selling a complete system OBO for around 400 dollars. But I'm not sure if it comes with a psu.
This would run the games you want much better. It comes with win7 64 bit which is easy enough to extract the cd key and find the coresponding disk for future re-installs.

He also has a bunch of ram forsale too. The 32 bit OS is really going to hinder you and I really wouldn't throw money at your current rig as you've pretty much hit the wall with it. I have never had anything but problems with Antec PSU's and I would also worry about it not liking a new more powerful vid card like the 560. It if pops then what?
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