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My System Specs


I just wanted to post something I had noticed on another forum I frequent, up to you totaly if you take a look. This lad is selling 2 vid cards as well as an SSD, I know here at hadware canucks they have a listing of folks slling things as well, you might be able to get a real sweet deal that way if you choose.

Anyways, this link is to [H]ard ocp forums
FS: Sapphire 7970, MSI Lightning 6970, Intel X-25M G2 80GB SSD - [H]ard|Forum not meaning to break any rules, just figured this might help out some. BTW, the msi lightning 6970 brand new are around $380 not including tax/shipping, so this seems to be a very good deal, seeing as he said OBO, best of luck to you :)
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