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Question Question for linus!

Hi Linus, Love the vids, whats better then PC's and cats? Nice combo, some one got it right eh?

I am looking to buy a new mouse and watched your unboxing of the corsair m90. My question is just exactly HOW good you rate it and how it compares with other mice/mouses. I noticed you said that the clickers are a little loose and this is what concerns me- i have medium-large hands and i grip like a side-ways light claw . My fingers are very strong and heavy due to playing piano, bowling, ETC. How would you rate this compared to other mouses? (To give an example, a family member has the Logitech performance MX which i cannot use whatsoever due to miss-clicks)

I appreciate your time and the videos you post! Unbox the 7970!

(Figure il throw this out there also about your NCIX raid vid, im looking to add 240GB as a boot drive/storage for games. You said a dedicated raid card helps improve performance but is it neccessary? would i require one for 4 x 60Gb in RAID0 or should i opt for 2 x 120GB?? You stated that you dont need one for raid 0/1/10 but should use one for 5/6 etc, yet on your 1.3 Gb/s 8 in RAID0 you used an $800 card so im totally confused )
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