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おはよう! Hello everyone,

Its been a while since i've updated this work log... lets just say complications arose, ensued and were swept under the carpet for the most part. But i'm not to worried, since i would imagine not many people are following this log. So it works out i guess? Well not really since i've misplaced my camera's charger and can't upload any new pics, but as soon as i find it i'll put them up.

So whats new? Well the painting is mostly done with the exception of the front and top panel. The front just needs its lovely blue coat and the top to be stripped of the original powder coat, which of course wont happen for a while with these -40 temperatures outside . BUT, after much trial and error i got the side panel stenciled with the birds like i mentioned earlier, and while not perfect it does look pretty good.

I also had time to review (more like obsess over) the parts for the build, i'm now looking at the Raystorm instead of an Ek block. As well i'll be picking up 2 Kaze Aces instead of the single Master pro. Finally, if i can get NCIX to lower it's prices i'll be grabbing gentle typhoons instead of the noiseblockers.

Now I did get some luck, NCIX had the burner version of the blu ray drive i wanted on sale for $85. Ah karma, finally you grace me!. I also managed to get my hands on the XSPC reservoir so i can do any last minute mods if i need too. Aside from that this build is just crawling along, my goal is to finish in june (fingers crossed).

more to come!

Check out my worklog:
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