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My System Specs


Thanks for the positive feedback!

All up and running, no hardware lost during the move. I can get it fairly quiet using the built-in fan controller and PWM on the pump at 50%. Still audible, but not a huge annoyance.

Temperatures seem about the same as my old case, mid-30's on the GPU and mid-40's on the CPU at idle. GPU got up to 47C and the CPU up to 61C during some ANNO 2070. I'm sure some might say that's a bit high, but this is an i7 920 w/ HT enabled at 4.2GHz, so it's probably pushing well over the 130W TDP and the GTX580 is by no means a cool running card either Maybe once I get some 32nm or 28nm parts in this, things will be cooler.

Here's a shot of the backside for those that care. Not the most organized by any means, but it works and fits behind the door without any force.

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