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My System Specs

Default Quick Compare i7 930 vs 1055t (or 1090t)

My wifes machine see sig is mostly our download/media center but does do about 15 hours of gaming a week as well (kids, and their friends etc...).

I'm curious if selling the i7 930 and putting in a 1055t or 1090t would I notice any significant differences?

Sometimes this streams up to 3-4 different devices at once (2 xbox 360's, ps3, 2 ipod touches, 2 smartphones etc.)

Thanks in advance for any input. I already own both just debating which is best to keep and get rid of.

Comp1 (Mine) : ASUS P9X79 LE, 3960X, 16GB Corsair Vengence 1333, PNY 770 4GB, OCZ Vertex3 240GB, OCZ Vertex3 480GB, 600GB VelociRaptor, Corsair 1000HX, Cool Master Cosmos 2
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