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Would almost say the PIVOS AIOS for about 100$ would be a great alternative, the only moving part it has is the small fan at the back of the case which I've never found make any noise at all. Don't even need to install an HDD as it has a small internal (non moving) memory where the OS is pre-loaded on.

It has/runs an HTML5 browser, youtube, facebook and some other plugins, can play 1080p content with no issue and even comes with a wireless remote to control it. The only downside is you can't browse media extremely easy if its not stored locally. This means you have to navigate to it through a few directories, but depends on your ease of use, and cost it's a good alternative. I may be getting rid of mine for the sole fact I miss xbmc too too much (after using it for a few years), but if it weren't for browsing the media stored on a network i'd probably still be a big advocate of it (and keep mine).
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