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Default No moving parts HTPC?

I'm going need to setup a NAS (ASAP) since my current HTPC that is doing double duty as a server is all out of drive bays. So I thought I'd just take the guts from there to use as the NAS and put in some new hardware into the HTPC. I'd like to do a 100% no moving parts setup for dead silence. I'm not really up on this sort of hardware and gave myself a bit of a crash course and came up with a hardware list. I was hoping someone could take a quick look and make sure everything is OK. The most demanding thing I use it for is BD playback, other than that it's just listening to music and web surfing plus a few little programs - but no gaming.

mobo - Asus E35M1-M Pro
RAM - 2x Mushkin Silverline 2GB 1333MHz -> just cause it's cheap
HDD - Any suggestions on a SSD? Only need it for OS so 60Gb is lots

Thanks for any input.
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