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My System Specs

Default Question for Linus about "Headphone & Headset Shopping Guide" episode

Headphone & Headset Shopping Guide Featuring Sennheiser HD 800 NCIX Tech Tips - YouTube

Your recommendation is that one should pair a sound card with amp for headphones like PC350's and up. My question is about the necessity of a sound card with an amp. I own a pair of 595's and I have been using a Xonar DG. For my PC speakers I use Altec Lansing MX-5021 2.1 speakers. Now when I want to use my headphones I plug them into the wired desktop controller of the MX-5021. It was my thinking (perhaps erroneous) that the MX-5021 is acting as my headphone amp therefore I would see no benefit from a sound card that has its own amp. Linus what do think? There was no mention of this scenario in your buyers guide and it is something that have wondered about for a long time. Thank you

EDIT: as well is my Xonar DG a little to crappy for 595? I try to listen to FLAC whenever possible.
EDIT: umm (egg on face) the Xonar DG has an amp ... Please answer this post as if it did not...

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