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My System Specs


Well CM does make some good power supplies, if you want to use it, be sure to research the crud out of it first, there is one site I go to all the time for this, they do overload test and such, so at least you can see the raw numbers to know if it is "safe" to use and what its limits are.

Now I dont know about the Silent Pro series, but my previous CM power supply Pure Power 750 was actually slightly shorter then my current HX750.

ATX specs usually have a version number such as ATX v2.1, I believe this has a defined limit on power, as well as dimensions.

But in regards to spacing concerns, I highly doubt you wil have issues in that regard, they have a review here on hardware canucks for the 430 ELITE, and it looks quite roomy.

Another good, lower cost case, would be Raidmax Viper, might be worth looking into, if you are just looking for something currently.

Power supplies, me it would be Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, Silverstone, XFX, NZXT Hale. HX750, TP new 650 or 750, Strider gold, HALE 85+ and such.

Antec TP new 650 is an excellent unit, as is Corsair TX v2 650, CM does make good stuff, but they are also on the lower end of PSU manufacturers, there are better choices, sometimes only a couple $ more expensive, but, reviews always are worth thier weight in gold :)
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