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at least not without a spare rad and pump handy

man i wish i had a 2nd water cooling setup too, id join ya in your experiments.
that is to say fridge freezer to water rad to system setup.
iv bin temped many times to do it.

could maybe use a type of oil to replace stock coolant but it would really have to be very light,hemmm that trash the cooling system and be a pain to get out of their in the after math or could use ethanol that has a freezing point of -114 degrees Celsius.
pump wouldn't like that and its fuel,if it leaks well you know,freaking burn down the house with that setup :D

Id just take one of my older computers {Pentium 4}that i don't care about anymore and over volt it suicide overclock stile and "try" and kill the world record just for fun ;)
though i dout id come anywhere close to liquid nitrogen people.

one things for shore freon based cooling kits are like $700 last i checked and its over kill,and one of the big problems that ends up happening is condensation.
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