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As far as I know... Just as an HDTV can "upscale" a 720p image to its native 1080p resolution, your monitor (and mine actually -Benq 22'') "downscale" 1080p images but cutting out a few lines to present it as close as possible to 1080p without going above the native resolution of the monitor. AFAIK, no monitor can "upconvert" or "downcovert" a 1080p signal since they have no conversion processors onboard like an HDTV does. For that reason, I highly doubt your movies are be pushed down as far as 720p, I think your monitor with powerdvd and downscaling it slightly in order to keep as much of the video information as possible. However, If you WANT to upconvert/downvert say, a standard definition dvd, then I'd suggest FFDshow which will enable that (even in win XP MCE) although you do need a higher system in that case since ffdshow isnt NOT easy on your computer. Hope all the info helps!
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