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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Seems to be a pretty one sided relationship.

- Israel has never (to my knowledge at least) contributed to a UN Peacekeeping effort (many other Middle Eastern nations have)

- Israel never got militarily involved in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the USA (and Canada) have been taking out some of the largest threats to Israel's right to exist.

Don't get me wrong, I love the people there -they're some of the friendliest around- and it truly is a success story but their policies absolutely suck.
And they are a ready made military base that can probably defeat and definitely keep at bay everyone in the region without going nuclear until America could pour in troops, and could defeat the entire region if things went nuclear. They keep Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and several other nations in the region "honest" so to speak. They're not going to turn on America since America is their lifeline.

The rest of the region is openly hostile or at best the leaders kiss ass while the people are hostile. As long as Israel is democratic and friendly to America how can America not reciprocate? There's a hell of a lot more factors at play but they're by far the best ally America has in the middle east.

Also, even if Isreal had been willing to send troops to a UN mission they likely wouldn't accept them, the majority of the UN is made up of countries that are quite hostile to Isreal and their troops would be a massive target pretty much anywhere in the world that needs peacekeeping.
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