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Default Same type of problem

I'm having sort of the same issue. I just received my Asus notebook today. I plugged it in via HDMI and it worked decent. It looked pretty good until I put a DVD in. It got really choppy and pixels were very blocky. I didn't have any sound through HDMI though. I did the Asus live update which updated the drivers and added extra stuff for video enhancement etc. After I did this, it only showed on my TV as windows loaded. When it went to the password screen my TV went black. I did a restore it worked again, re updated the drivers, then same thing. I have an Asus X53U goin to a Yamaha 3D receiver via HDMI then to LG 32" TV about 4 years old from HDMI to DVI with an adapter cable. I'm having issues getting my cable audio to come through my receiver with HDMI I have to use RCA cables as well for audio. Hopefully you guys can help me get this working good because the whole reason I bought a new notebook was just to watch movies in better quality on my TV instead of buying a decent DVD player i figured I'd be able to get nest of both worlds.
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