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Originally Posted by Avenger212 View Post
I won't think America will pull its military backing on Israel. Israel is America's Strongest Ally in the Middle-East (possibly the strongest in the middle East). So why will they pull out backing there, Also in all of the history I have read, Israel is the most interesting one. Correct me if I am wrong But I have never read a nation that took on 3 other nations in one war and won in six days.. Sorry for the little off topic anything about Israel just fascinates me.
Seems to be a pretty one sided relationship.

- Israel has never (to my knowledge at least) contributed to a UN Peacekeeping effort (many other Middle Eastern nations have)

- Israel never got militarily involved in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the USA (and Canada) have been taking out some of the largest threats to Israel's right to exist.

Don't get me wrong, I love the people there -they're some of the friendliest around- and it truly is a success story but their policies absolutely suck.
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