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Originally Posted by jibz View Post
In case you don't know Sam, he's the dude who fines every great deal everywhere, all the time. As for the GTX570 deal, consider it refurbished.

As for 275 for a gtx570 it might be fair now but I think with the 7970s out these are going to start dropping. I'd go $275 to start and price drop by $5 down to $250 over time.

Looking back I'm really happy I got my 2 new 570 for $280 before the price climbed. And I'm really thankful to Squeetard for giving me a great deal on a 570+EK WB included for $275.

i was tempted to buy those 570s with blocks just for kicks

most of the stuff i have sold in the past buyers got great deals
lowballers got banned from buyin from me lol
maximus IV extreme @ 5.1 1.41v

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too much ram
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