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Originally Posted by Eldonko View Post
5% in single card 3d. What about SLI tests? Half the point of the 40 PCI-E lane SB-E platform is multi-GPU. When this chip goes retail I think it will be tough to recommend a 2600K over a 3820 for someone building a new system.
Agreed for the most part, but it will depend how motherboard prices end up. If they come down in price it will likely be a hands down choice, but if they don't then there will be cases/budgets that would be better off with 2600.

As for the ram there was a review on another site (can't remember off hand from where) that tested with 2/3/4 channel configs on a SB-E CPU and for the most part there was no difference. Meaning You could start with dual channel and upgrade as required (or if required).

Edit: that said I think this will be the way to go for someone that wants more than a 2500k pending final pricing.

EDIT 2: Here is the review that contains the 2/3/4 memory channel tests.

DDR3 SDRAM for LGA 2011: Which Memory Is Best?. Page 3 - X-bit labs
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