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your heat sink is useless for that cpu as far as overclocking gos,and Intel recommends no more then 72.6c on your cpu so you know.
my cpu e5200 @ top 5% best overclocks in the world that i know of at a stable 1.4v never clears 50c@ ambient temp 25c case temp 40c, auto alarm gos off at 60c, auto system shut down 70c.

your heat sink is good for stock speed only imho.
and forget about the h80 whatever it is cooler, if you really want to overclock that i7 get a real full size water cooling kit,if you can afford a $300+tax cpu you can afford to spend $250 more on a cooling kit for it.

your i7 has like a TDP of 100 at stock speed and vcore.
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